Inspirational Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

A short walk from Shkedi’s Camp Lodge are the white Marl Hills.

This area enables visitors to feel the desert wilderness its best.

Walk barefoot on the soft white sand, surf the soft sand slides, visit hidden tunnels and enjoy the powerful desert stillness.

At the tours:

  • English/Hebrew instruction
  • Duration: one and a half – two hours tour
  • The tours fit anyone how can take an easy walk at the Desert
  • Tours must be reserved in advance 

Lilach Shkedi, who has been exploring this area on foot for over 20 years, invites you to join her for an adventure tour at sunrise, sunset, full moon and other time during the day.

Lilach holds freestyle dance workshops and tribal empowerment ceremonies for women in the heart of the desert, and unique activities for the whole family (collecting colored sand, cooking with desert plants and more)

The tours/workshops must be booked in advance.

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