• Neighboring Activities and Recreation

  • Neighboring Activities and Recreation

  • Neighboring Activities and Recreation

Just a short drive away from the Shkedi Camplodge, you will find recommended hiking trails, including:
Wadi Tamar, Wadi Tsafit, the lower Wadi Peres riverbed, Wadi Pratsim, Mount Sodom and much more. In the moshav itself, and in its surrounding area, you will find additional hiking options and places of recreation:

Recommended Hiking Trails

1. “Mushroom” Trail: a walking distance from the Camplodge. A short hike on the white marlstone hills, overlooking a breathtaking view. The trail leads to a beautiful sand slide located underneath a mushroom-shaped sand rock. This location is perfect for children – “Nature’s Amusement Park”.
2. The “Capparis” (Tsalaf) Trail: a short drive by car towards the intersection. Parking is alongside the road and the hiking is along a marked trail with tiny iron arrows. A beautiful scenic route that is short and convenient, and which includes a passageway through a natural arch, overlooking Wadi Zin.
In proximity to the Capparis’s Trail is the Laura  – a cluster of monk caves, dating back to the Byzantine Empire.
3. Ein Plutit Spring (originally known as the hidden spring): arrival by car or a short bicycle ride along the service road to the moshavim. Parking is by a collection of palm trees along the road (the area is marked with signs). A natural fountain is concealed in the cluster of the palm trees, filling up a small waddling pool – a perfect location for dipping and relaxing.

4. Bicycle rides: “Cycle In”, bike rentals and trail consulting.
Uzi: +972-52-8991146
5. Tours in very close proximity:
* Salt of the Earth: guided tours and lectures, with a focus on history and the moshavim.
Assaf Madmoni: +972-50-7355345
* “The Farmer at the Square”: agricultural tours and specialized crops.
Moshe Medini: +972-50-7802672
* Experiential tours by foot at the marlstone hills:
Lilach Shkedi: +972-52-8991329, Batya Madmoni: +972-50-7594828
* Jeep tours and rides: “Camel Lot”, Barak Horovitz: +972-52-8666062

Nearby Art Galleries

* Ceramics Art Gallery and Studio
The studio offers workshops for groups of five and more participants.
Esti Barak: www.deadseaceramics.co.il, +972-52-8991147
* JOJO: Art gallery and shop for unique, colorful iron designs and abstract paintings.
Dganit: +972-52-2964677
* Dana Regev: unique paper folding art, jewelry and more.
* “Karma” Jewelry: macramé jewelry entwined in beads.
Irit: +972-52-891149
* Gallerina: art gallery for handmade art work made from recycled materials.
Rina +972-52-4260488

חאן שקדי - מה בסביבהחאן שקדי - מה בסביבה

Dining Options

Local cooking and catering services:
Eti Daddon, catering and gourmet meals, +972-52-8991154
Michal Luzon, quality, homemade meals, +972-52-4081233
Katie, meals and catering, +972-52-4504446

Spa Treatments and Workshops

1. Workshops and performances for groups and for events:
* Storyteller for children and adults, Ilana: +972-52-8327002
* Laughter Yoga, experiential workshops, Batya: +972-50-7594828

* Music, rhythm from around the world, shows and activities,
Benny Degoves: +972-54-5729748
2. Massage therapy and other alternative treatments:
Batya Madmoni: +972-50-7594828, Dana Regev +972-50-9512960

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